Where It Went

I keep saying I don’t know where the time went…. but here is this kid, amazing me and reading and doing math. This weekend he went to his very first “drop-off” party. I was all awkward at the door. All the birthday parties he has been to before have been the parties of our friends’ kids, so we went right on in with him. This time, I gave the Mom of his classmate my phone number, told Alex to behave, petted their dog…. and left. I made walnut bread at home and then was sad when it was still in the oven when it was time to go pick Alex up. Next time I’m leaving my husband home to deal with the bread and I’m going to pick Alex up!

That Mom is my hero… she had about ten kindergartners in her house for two and a half hours!

Also this weekend, Alex picked out his very first pair of glasses. He doesn’t really need them yet- he will eventually, so we decided to get him a pair while they are still covered under insurance. If he starts complaining of headaches or anything, we’ll already have them. He looked so handsome and grown up in the ones he chose. 

I feel like it’s all slipping through my fingers so fast. He barely fits on my lap anymore. I hold him close to me when he agrees to sit there. 


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