And It Begins….

Tomorrow I send my Bear off to kindergarten. I’m okay. He’s ready; excited even. The thing I’m struggling with is TRUSTING people. I met his teacher; she’s lovely and I trust her. It’s everyone else in the world. Since he was 16 months old, Bear has been with the same sitter. She has taught him so much and treated him so well. She’s become family and he has had so much fun there. He will still be with her before and after school, on vacations and days off. But tomorrow I have to hand my Bear over to so many people I don’t know, and trust that they will treat him well. Bus driver, lunch ladies, other teachers, other kids. 


He’s my heart, guys. He’s the most special person in my world. He’s my Bear, my Toodles, my snoogle bunch, my sunshine, my peanut bear, my Trouble Tornado. I love him more than all the stars in the sky. I know I can’t protect him from everything and I shouldn’t. He has to learn to navigate this world and all the not-so-good things that may happen in it. But this is the first time I’m really sending him out into the world, and I know he’s ready, I know he’s excited. It’s all me that’s not ready, but here we go…. tomorrow morning we will watch him get on the bus and go off to start his new adventure. 


He has been putting up with me hugging him an extra lot over the past couple days. I just want to hold on tight and let him go. Image


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